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Anmol Fertility Clinic specializes in assisted reproductive techniques like IVF and associated infertility treatment in Jaipur. We provide comprehensive treatment options for both male and female infertility problems, with caring emotional support to all our patients in a relaxed and friendly environment. Our Progressive Fine Tuning methodology doubles the chances of conception, bringing a beacon of hope to many couples who almost give up their dreams of having a child after repeated failures to cure infertility.

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Dr. Sapna Basandani IVF SPECIALIST (MBBS, MS)


Infertility in females can be due to many factors like ovulatory disorders, fallopian tube damage, uterine and cervical damage, endometriosis, immunological factors, preventing females from conceiving.


Quality, Quantity, and Motility of a sperm are some of the main factors that define fertility in males. In case if there is lack of a sperm count or low quality of sperm, it indicates that it is difficult for a man to reproduce.


In IVF the egg and sperms from the couple are allowed to fuse in a glass dish. The sperms are layered over the eggs retrieved from the woman and the process of fertilization occurs under optimal conditions inside an incubator.

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All of our treatments and services are provided by highly trained specialists using the advanced equipment.

Anmol Fertility Clinic

The Assisted Laser Hatching is an additional lab technique designed to improve the efficiency of procedures such as IVF &...

Anmol Fertility Clinic

Blastocyst Culture & Transfer technique was developed to aid In-Vitro Fertilization. Traditionally embryos were transferred to the uterus on the...

Anmol Fertility Clinic

To achieve pregnancy, an infertile woman can also opt for Egg Donation. At Anmol Fertility Clinic both the donor and The Recipient Are Made To Understand..

Anmol Fertility Clinic

A couple’s infertility or subfertility problem may be due to a combination of factors and may affect both man and Woman..

Anmol Fertility Clinic

The Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection, commonly known as ICSI is basically an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). This technology is used to...

Anmol Fertility Clinic

A beautiful smile contributes to a better mood, it affects self-esteem, and it allows us to make a good impression on others.

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IUI is a procedure by which the best lot of specially prepared sperm is directly injected inside the uterus at...

Anmol Fertility Clinic

Sperm banking or Semen Banking is the term used for collection and storage of semen, a fluid containing sperms. Sperm...

Anmol Fertility Clinic

In surrogacy a woman carries the baby for nine months and then hands over the baby to the genetic parents...

Anmol Fertility Clinic

In men, sometimes the sperms are absent in the semen. This could be due to either the sperms are not...

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IVF Specialist
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IVF Specialist

Dr Sapna Basandani is IVF Specialist. she done education on Shekawati IVF Centre, Jaipur on year 2016-17

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  • Anmol Fertility Clinic Feedback

    I have visited Dr Sapna Basandai for Pre-Pregnancy Counselling after trying more than 6 months for natural pregnancy. After few tests only she detected the problem as PCOD and explained me very thoroughly the symptoms and situation. She started with normal level treatment as best practice, I got conceived in the very first month only. She is a very good doctor and keen observer of all symptoms. Her patience level and attitude is very positive towards the patient. Her behaviour is also very friendly. I'm satisfied with her treatment very much. I'd recommend everyone who has issues related to infertility must visit her.

  • Anmol Fertility Clinic Feedback

    We are married nearly for 3 years and were trying for a baby. We consulted a couple of doctors for that last 2.5 years but the cause of the problem was still unknown. After hearing lots of positive feedback from our friends, we consulted Dr. Sapna Basandani Madam. She is highly experienced, full of confidence, positive, very transparent in communication, helpful, caring and friendly. You could feel her experience the way she guides you through the problem. Beyond everything, she is a wonderful human being. In the first interaction itself, she gave the clarity on the course of the treatment. We got confidence that she is one who can help us by her treatment to make our dream come true!!!!

  • Anmol Fertility Clinic Feedback

    My experience with Dr Sapna Basandani has been and is awesome. I would never look for any other as for me she is the best. She not only makes things/your case right for you but she educates you into understanding what was/is your case, what was/is the problem in your case and what she can and has made right in your case. She is excellent in her field. She is more focused on curing, making things right and work for you than charging you like others doctors. She is reasonable at what she charges. For me, I have no other words but to say that she is excellent and I'm very privileged to have such an excellent doctor.